How masturbation affects your health

How masturbation affects your health

The act of Masturbation is totally normal sexual act. Most individuals decide to relief stress through this act of ‘self-love.’ It can be one way to learn about your body, explore your body and pent-up sexual energy. When you ask people about How masturbation affects your health, the answer will be that it’s enjoining, of course. But does it have negative effects on you?

How masturbation affects your health
How masturbation affects your health [MedicalNewsToday]

But what is masturbation?

Masturbation happens when an individual stimulates their sexual organ to gain orgasm. This act can be normal in both men and women.

Masturbation: the gain of achieving self pleasure

Definitely, it has it health benefits. Most people won’t accept to taking matters into their own hands. The reason being that it is a discussion people won’t want to have or to talk about. Ohh Comon even Sex feels hard enough to admit, how much more masturbation. In fact, in some cities it normally a taboo to talk about masturbation. All these notwithstanding, masturbation has it health benefits that are:

· It gives you full understanding of your body

For many people, the first step into sexual pleasure springs through masturbation. They will even continue ‘touching themselves’ when they eventually finish sex. Masturbation allows people privacy and boldness to explore and discover their functions sexually. On discovering their pleasure points, they can discuss this with their sex mates, which then leads to a richer, more exciting sex life.

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“When you know what gets you off sexually, your lover will learn from you. Sex is awesome when you know what you want,” Says Presh Alams, a sex therapist in UNN.

· Masturbation helps in reducing stress and getting rid of slight headache

Wondering how a brief masturbation session can take away your stress, aches and pain? The answer is simple. The hustle and struggle of life can take a toll after a while, and masturbation let’s you reboot. You mustn’t reach orgasm. The Self-intimacy in the process allows you to reconnect with yourself in a way no one can imagine.

Additionally, the science behind the stress-relieving side of self-intimacy is tried and true. Just like all sexual activity, masturbation leads to the release of endorphins—a natural pleasure chemical that stretches even the most frazzled nerves. Once your body releases endorphins, your mood will be better and you can sleep better.

· Masturbation prevents certain illness

Surly we can’t talk about How masturbation affects your health without mentioning its disease prevention abilities in men. This WebMD article explains how masturbation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men above 50 years.

· Masturbation stops many symptoms of female-related pain

Some Women can handle PMS symptoms like pelvic pain and back pain by masturbating. Hormonal difference at times in a woman’s menstrual cycle can cause an increase in libido, a good thing since sex and masturbation can offer effective relief.

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Negative effect of mastrubation on health?

1 Having addiction

Men and women gets a toxic level of addiction to the extent that they no longer desire sex with people. In extreme cases, people who are addicted to masturbation are known to shun the outside world in a bid to Masturbate all the time.

2 Spiritual effects and Loss of energy

Frequent masturbation can deplete energy levels in both men and women. Some fraction of people believe masturbating comes with abject poverty.

3 Premature ejaculation in men

If men masturbate, they feel no pressure to withhold ejaculation like they would have to if they were having sex naturally. If this occurs frequently, they will soon lose totally control of their ejaculation.

4 Masturbation affects hair growth in men

Another bad effect of mastrubation on health is that it causes rapid hair loss or thinning. This article MedicalNewstoday narrates masturbation and hair loss in men thus:

When masturbating, the body gives up a seminal fluid that contains 90% water and 10% protein. When this seminal fluid is ejaculated too often, it might result in a protein deficiency, which usually increases the process of hair loss.

Although Masturbation feels a normal sexual act, there are how masturbation affects your health that you should know about. Remember Life hings on balance, and so, you should be careful not to practice much of self-intimacy

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